Second DICE Roadshow Webinar OCT 2021


The main objective of this webinar is to show how the services of DICE is being used to achieve FAIR data within the CompBioMed community. Computational biomedical research is very data-intensive and compute-intensive and requires tools or platforms that facilitate large data storage, transfer and sharing. In this webinar, we give an overview of two workflows for data replication and data publication using existing services of DICE and EUDAT. These workflows facilitate managing active research data (i.e., data transfer, storage, and sharing) and preserving final research data (i.e., data archiving and publishing) within the community. We further demonstrate how these services operate and integrate with each other to align with international standards and approaches for FAIR data management.


Who should attend


The webinar is open to all, but the following are highly encouraged to attend, particularly those interested in making their research activities more FAIR:

  • Researchers, especially those in the biomedical field
  • Repository managers in academic or research institutions
  • Research community managers and data stewards
  • Actors in the EOSC community who are interested in the practicalities of handling and producing research data


Workshop Video







Welcome and introduction

John Favaro (Trust-IT) Head of DICE Communications




Introduction to the DICE project and Call for Service Requests

Debora Testi (CINECA) DICE Project Coordinator (slides)




Using the DICE Services in the CompBioMed Community

Narges Zarrabi (SURF) Senior Advisor, Research Development Services (slides)





John Favaro (Trust-IT) and Nadia Tonello (BSC, Head of DICE Community Outreach)